How Do Movies Impact The Youth?

According to me, films are not corrupting the kids. Currently, movies mainly fall into the following categories, action, thriller, or romance. The young people attempt to copy anything in the films, and that reflects their wearing style, their speech and so on. Looking at movies allows us to break off and enables us to relax for a time. Films inspire ideas and assist us to know what is happening worldwide.

The fact that viewing films is helpful for us was also scientifically verified. As in horror films, about 200 calories may be burnt simultaneously and brain activity improves.


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I believe certain constraints should also exist. For more than 90 minutes a day, children should not watch TV or movies. Children should also be reduced to watching films that might badly effect their mental health. And it’s a role to lead them from their parents.

Movies With A Message

Films are not only for amusement, as many films convey a message. Some films are focused on societal ills and not only illustrate societal challenges, they also sensitise viewers to traumatic situations.

So viewing a film is not an issue, we simply have to restrict ourselves to the time we spend viewing films and how much. We need to ensure too that films do not have a bad effect on us in order to forget our own beliefs.